thank YOU!


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In about 2 days it’s my birthday and i will turn sweet 16 + 24 = 40 (OMG)! It was like yesterday i turned 30 so everything goes so fast. This made me think about the stuff what happened in my life, my life right now and what my dreams & goals are in the future. The main positive thing about being almost 40 is that women at this age are selfmade, beautiful, self-confidence and enjoying life to the fullest!

I am so happy that the people near me, and myself, are healthy. So because it’s almost my 40st birthday i want to thank some people who are in my life and spending time with me. First of all i want to thank my parents. They raised me, especially my mum, as a person who is positive in life. But they also raised me as a person that if i want to accomplish something i have to work and i have to work hard. My father always worked as a photographer and he is the example for working with passion. And he taught me to see goals, opportunities and to chat about everything with everyone! So thank you mum and dad!

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I also want to thank Dennis, for he is always there for me and for his patience. For his advice and for taking care! And for being a great father for our son Finn. Finn, i want to thank you, you are my mini-me and i love your humour and your enthusiasm! You love being among people and to chat and entertain & i love to see you love life!

I want to thank my dog Balou. She is the reason i go for a walk outside!

And i want to thank my dear friends. Without you life would be boring, thanks for all the sharing, caring and laughs.

I love you all and come join me for the ride in the future! But first, at this Saturday, we will sing FOREVER YOUNG & PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!

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x M